Breaking Bad Predictions and Theories

So Breaking Bad is back for its final episodes and I’m enjoying it even more than I expected . There’s a lot of predictions flying around at the moment and I’ve got some theories of my own so I thought I might as well share them. Depending on how the next episodes go I might even make this a weekly thing since so far it’s doing a very good job of subverting my expectations. New theories or not this probably won’t be the last post I make about the show, I really feel it’s the best thing on TV in recent years and am sad to see it end. But enough praise, onto my predictions.

Walt is Cancer Free in the Flash Forward

walt pills









So the flashforward in season opener Live Free or Die gave us a lot of information, most of which, while giving us an idea of what could possible happen to Walt didn’t actually confirm anything and really lead to more questions. One thing thing a lot of people were sure about was that Walt’s cancer was back. We saw him coughing and taking pills, what else could that mean? Now, over a year on, we know that’s the case. He’s back in treatment and been given six months to live, this isn’t an allusion anymore, we know this guy is dying. Except I don’t think so, in fact I think in the flashforward Walter’s in remission and here’s why.

First things first, he has hair.

Now I’m aware all this means is he’s no longer getting chemo, not that he’s in remission. However, presuming he told Hank the truth and he’s only got six months to live (and I believe he was) and taking into account the flash forward take place on his fifty second birthday which is more than six months down the line I find it hard to believe he would be healthy enough to leave the house but still have cancer and not be receiving treatment.

But then why is he coughing and why is he taking pills? After all in  The Decision, when we know for a fact he has cancer we see him taking pills from an identical pill bottle.

Walt other pills

Now besides the fact that pill bottles are never going to look all that different these pills aren’t for the cancer, they’re for the nausea caused by chemo. Walt goes to take them right before throwing up and he’s keeping them in a pretty shitty hiding spot considering his family thinks he’s still in remission. The only reason I can see for hiding them under the bathroom sink is because when someone needs nausea medication they’re most likely going to puke and people generally don’t like to sick on the carpet.

If Walt’s not longer in chemo in the flashforward then he has no need for nausea meds. We do know he’s taking meds for something though and if it’s not nausea and it’s not cancer what is it? Radiationitis.

In 4 Days Out both the viewers and Walt thought his cancer had gotten worse, mainly because he has a really nast cough. Once he begins coughing up blood we know he’s a goner for sure.

Click to view full size image

Except he’s not. At the end of the episode we find out that Walt is in fact in remission and the cough is caused by radiationitis; tissue inflammation caused by radiotherapy which results in a cough. His doctor simply prescribes prednisone and that’s that.

Okay so I’ve proved it’s possible that the Walt we see in the flashforward is cancer free but why? What purpose would making him cancer free serve? It’s the ultimate irony. We know, by his fifty-second birthday Walt’s lost everything; his house, his family, his money, his meth empire and badass alter ego. He has literally nothing to live for, and yet he’s still alive. So unlucky is Walter White that he’s denied the relief of dying of cancer when, I imagine, it’s all he wants to do.

Holly is a red herring, Walt Junior is Going to Die.


So it’s pretty well-known that colours, especially the colours worn by characters are important in Breaking Bad. Due to this and the fact Holly is always in pink, a colour associated with death more than once in the show, there’s a theory that Holly is going to die. Now at first I thought this theory was over analysing things.  Holly is a baby girl, a lot of parents dress baby girls in pink. However it seems Holly is always seen wearing at least one item of pink clothing. Then in the most recent episode, Buried, when Marie and Skyler we fighting over her I was convinced that was it, their argument was somehow going to cause Holly’s death. Also according to this tumblr post when in his abandoned house Walt focuses on Holly’s room and no-one elses (I’ll admit I don’t remember this myself).

So as well as the possible symbolism and foreshadowing there’s the fact that losing one of his children and causing their death, either directly or indirectly would just destroy Walt. No parents wants to outlive their child and most people don’t want to feel responsible for another person’s death, especially a family member’s. Holly’s death would be Walt’s comeuppance and then some. It could also give Skyler a reason to once and for all leave Walt, money be damned. But I still don’t think it will happen. I think Walt Jr. is going to die.

Like I said the death of one of his children would destroy Walt and sure Holly’s death would be tragic. But I think what would really shock and hurt the audience would be if Walt’s son died. Holly is a baby, a baby who we don’t see all that often even by TV standards. Her death would be tragic because she’s a baby. Junior is a teenager with clear devotion to his father. While he’s not exactly the most developed character on the show we know enough about his life to have an idea of his personality and interests. He’s also just about to go off to college. His death would tug on the audience’s heart-strings far more than Holly’s.

This is a prediction I will admit I don’t have any proof for other than two episodes in we’ve barely seen Junior. We’ve seen him briefly in the first episode and not at all in the second. He’s not even mentioned. There isn’t a single line to explain away his absence. Now it could just mean there was a lot to fit into this episode and the writers presumed we were smart enough to presume he was at Louis’s house or something. Or it could be that they’re hoping by focusing our attention more so on Holly we won’t see his death coming.

I’m not the only person to make this prediction, Benjamin Secher, of The Telegraph makes an interesting observation about Walt Jr’s name:

‘there are only two reasons to give a character the exact same name as his father: one is to suggest that the boy will inevitably follow in his dad’s footsteps (and if the series had a softer centre, it would end with Junior taking the helm of Walter’s crystal meth empire); the other is to set-up a scene of mistaken identity. So when an assassin sent by Lydia, or a sniper working for Hank, arrives on the scene, I predict he will end up offing the wrong Walter White.’

Other Bits and Pieces

  • I think Jesse is definitely going to flip, not straight away but soon. He’s wracked with guilt to the point of catatonia. He doesn’t care what happens to him, he didn’t even open his mouth to defend himself when being interrogated about the bags of money. All Jesse wants is a way to absolve himself and confessing what he knows to Hank is the easiest way to do that. That said Walt has meant a lot to Jesse in the past so I feel, initially, he will keep quiet. But then something will happen, either Walt will do something truly terrible or Jesse will find out something he’s  done already and all affection for Walt will be lost
  • That something will most likely happen in next weeks episode. What makes me say that?

Just listen to the horror and desperation in Saul’s voice. He’s never sounded so scared and horrified in his life. Either Walt has gone a done something awful or Jesse’s just found out about the Lily of the Valley.

Jesse baby daddy

  • Not a theory or a prediction but two things I would absolutely love to see before this show is over is a scene between Jesse and Skyler and a scene with Jesse and Holly (or both things in one scene). There’s some people who would like the show to end with Jesse raising Holly and while that’s too soppy for me I do love Jesse’s affection for kids and the scenes where he interacts with them. considering how important this character trait is I find it odd that in five seasons we haven’t seen him interact with Holly once. As for him and Skyler, I want a scene where either both are very vulnerable and open, reflecting on the man who has ruined both their lives or else where Skyler becomes Skeisenberg and intimidates Jesse, trying to keep him silent. I have a feeling we’ll get neither of those things but a girl can dream can’t she?

So those are my theories and predictions for the last six episodes. Let me know what you think in the comments and share some predictions of your own. I love to hear how everyone thinks things are going to go down.


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